June 17, 2020

Members of CUPE Local 358

June General Meeting Cancelled!

Due to COVID-19 health restrictions, the CUPE Local 358 General meeting for June has been cancelled. The Executive has met virtually, and will be looking into the possibility / necessity of holding unit meetings and/or general meetings virtually as well.

As we want to make sure everyone has a chance to participate, we will be making a push to update our member database. You will be asked soon to update your contact info. This will prepare the Local for potential electronic voting for upcoming issues such as the 2021 Budget, bylaw amendments, committee elections etc. It may not come to it, but we have to be prepared.

The 2020 Golf Tournament also fell victim to COVID-19. We may have been lucky though as the originally scheduled date saw local courses cleared due to lightning! It would not have been a great day for our big event!

We hope all are well and adapting to life in the pandemic. Let’s hope we can return to business as usual soon!